Boozy Christmas chocolate truffles

by maroun Boustany

When it comes to the holidays and Christmas, we all of a sudden want to make and bake all of the treats. But sometimes, it’s fun to make the treats adult versions, like these boozy Christmas chocolate truffles.


PREP TIME 15 minutes

TOTAL TIME 2hrs 15 minutes

SERVINGS 36 truffles


  • 3 C semi sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 tsp spiced rum
  • 1 C Christmas red green and white nonpareils


  1. Using a double boiler, combine all ingredients except the sprinkles and mix until smooth.
  2. Scoop truffle into a bowl and place into the fridge for 3 hours.
  3. Using a small ice cream scooper, scoop out some truffle and roll into a ball in your hands.
  4. Pour sprinkles into a bowl and roll the truffle into the sprinkles until fully coated.
  5. Place onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.